Studies of one bay, leg, zone by Coop Himmelb(l)au and Toyo Ito

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Yuuutsu na Asa volume 5; chapters 21-23 tankoubon vs magazine


I actually had this prepared for some time, but I still didn’t compare the last chapter… so for the time being I decided to cut it in half and here’s the first part.

Like Hidaka Shoko said on her blog, she made many changes to the tankoubon version. Rearranged panels, added scenes, cut some dialogues, added some new ones, changed some expressions, and of course, added background. Here are some of them. 

Spoilers, obviously. If there’s a translation, be aware that it might not be 100% correct and I could mistranslate it  (just wait for SuBLime or German versions). It’s also translated kind of freely, so… but the meaning should be there (I hope). There are some nsfw images.

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this is so precious!, thanks for taking the time and doing it.

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parents:you need to go out more
parents:you need to exercise more
parents:why are you getting angry
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So I got into Yuuutsu na Asa mood again and was hit by feels, but I don’t want to suffer alone, so I decided to translate one of the scenes from recent chapters.
There are spoilers for the current chapter, but nothing too big… I think; I’m pretty sure the images were posted in the…

dude this is so mean eternal crys i’m reading it waaay to late for aprils fools day and i’m craving for some yuuutsu na asa right now cryss

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Treehouse SHED

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Konan Ward Cultural Center by Chiaki Arai

It consolidates a historical museum, library and community center, and includes a new theater.


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