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Diario de una volátil de Agustina Guerrero.

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Yo no miento, exagero

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"cuando ella llega" by Agustina Guerrero

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Adara Sánchez Anguiano, on Tumblr

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36 Degrees



36 Degrees | Placebo

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Rain Shelter House, Japan by y+M | via

From the architect: Location of the house is Yonago-city Sanin area at the foot of Mt. Daisen which has national park. This area has much rain throughout the year. In winter it blows a chill northwest wind and it snows a lot. The site is on a hill. So the scenery is wonderful but it gets the strong afternoon sunlight.

We planned the house there where client family (married couple, their two children and wife’s mother who newly live together) lives.

We planned the house as divided/parted one. That architecture makes some benefits for the client such as keeping adequate privacy among the family. And client can sleep without any concern for disturbing noise of the other family members after his/her night shift work.

We designed the gabled folded-plate big roof which reaches ground at its one side on each “divided house.” The roof keeps off rain throughout the year, chill northwest wind and snow in winter and strong afternoon sunlight in summer. And the roof can keep the client’s privacy from neighbor houses.

In addition, natural sunlight comes in through the gap between the roof and “divided houses.” So that inside the house is bright enough in daytime without lightings.

Photography: Yohei Sasakura / Sasa no kurasha

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Anonymous: Lets talk about wolfstar and jealousy.



  • sirius is the jealous one and it surprises everyone, especially him
  • because sirius is the one who flirts indiscriminately
  • who leans over girls’ shoulders and brushes their cheeks with his hair
  • by all accounts remus lupin should body check him into a wall every time he looks coyly at anybody else
  • but he just smiles small because if there is anybody on the planet who has sirius black’s number, it’s remus
  • and remus knows exactly where sirius turns in the night
  • conversely whenever remus talks excitedly about having a Thrilling Study Party with that one ravenclaw who isn’t even really that pretty
  • something shitty and terrible slams its way into sirius he’s like a man possessed
  • WHO is the ravenclaw WHAT is their name WHERE did you meet them WHY do they want to study with you SO HELP ME REMUS LUPIN THEY HAVE BAD INTENT I KNOW THEIR KIND (he is their kind)
  • and remus finds it absolutely hilarious
  • until he realizes that sirius’ jealousy comes from a very real, very scary place
  • until he realizes that sirius doesn’t have a lot of people in the world that he can call his, absolutely, unconditionally
  • and the thought of losing even the smallest part of remus that belongs to him is the stuff of nightmares. 
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